New Routing Inside A Mountain

Back up to the mountain cavern today for round 2 of bolting across the roof. I like a lot of things about this place – the way the evergreens in the valley remind me of BC, how the silver colored, lichen-blotched Dolerite outer contrasts with the slate and iron-ore internals of the mountain, the attractive roll of the land. I’m also appreciating how spending time in this mineral-rich zone seems is rejuvenating my stock of shoulder-season depleted mojo.

Music blasting, aid bolting along a roof by myself inside this immense cavern feels like pure freedom – the freedom of a road trip in a wide open wild place. Joyous! An esoteric and ridiculous way to spend a dark December day which has me leaving in the dusk covered in grime and glowing. Hanging from 60mm of stainless the only decisions that matter here are my own – if I make a bad one I’ll be punished. Just how I like it.

Aside from the physical freedom I’m buzzing from creating. Something real and good which other climbers are going to buzz off, and something which will hopefully show up new possibilities to get pumped stupid whilst climbing brilliant lines in a wild place. The route we’ve started to create is going to be awesome – an overused, but in this case apt, word. And very cool. At this new Welsh dry-tooling-orama there’s a lot more potential waiting to be realised, but only by aid-bolting troglodytes willing to spend time alone hanging from the roof inside a mountain.

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